To unite, appreciate and celebrate the cultural diversity represented by employees and customers at Next, by creating a safe space for individuals from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds to develop, thrive and be their authentic selves at work.

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To provide a safe environment where we encourage our members to share opinions, thoughts and experiences through internal communication and activities and encourage them to develop within NEXT.

The employee led community will also shape a positive and inclusive community, to inspire our employees to learn more, and ensure we practice inclusivity across the company.

The employee led community's Chair is James Nyamuda, Total Platform Manager for next brands. You can learn more about him and the rest of the Steering Committee here.

The 3 C's

We are passionate about being a voice for ethnic diversity and equality at NEXT. To ensure that we are continually achieving this, we have designed a community to create an open and safe space for education (Champion), discussion (Connect) and celebration (Celebration) of employees from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds across the business. 

We call this the 3 C's and you can read more about them below.

To collaborate with HR on efforts to:

Determine a clear commitment to supporting ethnic and cultural diversity within the business through improving the existing Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

To raise awareness of aspects of our behaviours that affect those around us such as unconscious bias through employee training.

Champion talent from underrepresented backgrounds.

To be a safe space and supportive environment for employees from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds to socialise and engage in open and honest conversations.

Create a welcoming and open community which provides a platform for employees from all backgrounds and their allies to ask questions, educate themselves and learn from each other.

Build a supporting and encouraging environment for people to celebrate their respective events, festivals and cultures with their colleagues and the wider business.

Educate the wider business both internally and externally about key cultural holidays, celebrations and their meanings through activities, events and awareness campaigns.