we are live!
date: 28.04.2021

We‘re so proud to introduce you to Unity at Next.

The last year in particular has seen a huge wave of consciousness around the ongoing need for racial equality in many parts of our society, and the importance of ethnic diversity brings to all.

The murder of George Floyd sparked a worldwide conversation, highlighting that there is still much work to be done to bridge the gap. That poignancy has been felt very deeply by many here at Next too. 

Being diverse is not enough. There is an acute need for employers to actively support, listen to and celebrate employees from all backgrounds. Although preparations were already underway by the business for a number of initiatives; what became apparent during this global outpouring of emotion was that there wasn’t necessarily the support and safe space available when our colleagues needed it.

Fuelled by this concern and proudly supported by the business under the wider Diversity and Inclusion initiative - we’ve started this employee network group.

It is only the start of what we hope to be an ever-developing community - there is certainly a journey to be made. However, the aim is that by creating an open space for education, discussion and celebration, we can ensure that NEXT is a workplace that enables everyone to bring their authentic self to work.  

Why Unity? Very simply, it’s a representation of the fact that although we come from so many diverse backgrounds we are all one Next. It’s our endeavour to create something that all colleagues regardless of background can link into and make a Next that is Proud together.