Ramadhan Mubarak

What Is Ramadhan?

Ramadhan, Arabic Ramaḍān, in Islam, the 9th month of the Muslim calendar and the holy month of fasting. It begins and ends with the appearance of the crescent moon. Because the Muslim calendar year is shorter than the Gregorian calendar year, Ramadhan begins 10-12 days earlier each year, allowing it to fall in every season throughout a 33 year cycle.

During Ramadhan, Muslims aim to grow spiritually and become closer to God and their loved ones. Ramadhan is a peaceful month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community. It is celebrated around the world, bringing together people from all walks of life.

To support colleagues and line managers during this time NEXT has created a dedicated page with lots of information on how to support and learn about the meaning of Ramadhan in Next. You can visit the full page on the link below, or we have also shared the main pages for you to access easily below.

Visit the full page: Together at Next: Ramadan

A Beginners Guide to Ramadhan.

2nd April 2022 sees the start of the holy month of Ramadhan for those of Muslim faith. How much do you know about Ramadhan?

This new quick guide will give you a bit of an insight into what Ramadhan is about and what it truly means to the Muslim faith.

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Language during the Holy Month of Ramadhan and things we need to consider for those who practice Islam is really important. Saying phrases such as 'Happy Ramadhan' which is for many automatic in context, is not always an appropriate greeting.

Next's new Inclusive Language series looks at how we can all support our colleagues during Ramadhan, through using recognised phrases and also tips things to avoid doing and things that are good to do.

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Ramadhan is a time for prayer. Muslims all around the world share a ritual known as salah - meaning prayer, which is repeated at least five times a day. 

Next are currently undertaking a project to review all current prayer rooms to facilitate all faiths and more recently our site at Elmsall Drive launched its new Multi Faith Room. 

Click below to have a look!

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Ramadhan at NEXT

Click on the image below to find out more about Ramadhan from our colleagues across the business and their experiences at work.

As  part of Ramadhan, Farhan discusses  his experiences of Ramadhan at work .

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As part of Ramadhan, Latifah discusses how she prepares for Ramadhan and her experiences of Ramadhan at work .

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