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Black people have impacted politics, culture and the economy around the world; Black history is world history. Here are seven figures that show that the story of Black people has always had global impact.

[Read the full article here]

"Your stories have power. They bring ideas to life and can shape how others see the world. Here at Hearts, we use stories to build community.

This is the first post in our Community Spotlight Series, where we feature Hearts who identify with a specific culture and have important conversations about how we can support one another." [read more here..]

The Notting Hill Carnival is a 3 day annual African-Caribbean event that takes place on the streets of Notting Hill, London every late August bank holiday weekend. Notting Hill Carnival has its origins in the carnival traditions of the Caribbean and the social and political conditions of the post-1948 migration of peoples from the Caribbean. [read more here..]

"We have existed in Britain and been pioneers, inventors, icons. And then colonialism happened, and that has shaped the experiences of black people - but that is not all we are."

These are the words of Lavinya Stennett, founder of The Black Curriculum, an organisation which teaches black British history in schools - and is campaigning for Education Secretary Gavin Williamson to make it compulsory. [read more here..]

To mark Black History Month, we the celebrate the unsurpassed contributions of fashion icons Patrick Kelly, Stephen Burrows, Andre Walker, Grace Jones, Naomi Campbell, and Iman to the world of fashion. [read more..]

Black culture is multi-hyphenated, with roots spanning across every continent. And every culture within the diaspora has unique relationships with food and drink[...]. This roster of comforting recipes includes ingredients tied to Black foodways, reimagined takes on holiday favorites, and traditional pan-African global cuisine. [read more..]

The Hamilton Commission, launched in June 2020 by F1's seven-time world champion and the Royal Academy of Engineering, makes 10 recommendations to drive lasting change to increase the number of black people in motorsport. [read more..]

In this article, Sir Ian Cheshire, Chairman of Barclays UK discusses his experience of participating in reverse mentoring and what he gained from it. [read more..]

For the first time, Asos has revealed ethnicity pay gap data, and it is believed to be the first major fashion retailer to do so. [read more..]

Diverse and inclusive workplaces can be both difficult to find and hard to create. But if you care about making your own workplace truly inclusive, you have the ability to effect real change—as an ally. [read more..]

Paid over £60,000 for Young Black Designers to Attend the Met Gala. "The goal is, and always will be, to open the door for young black creatives" [read more..]

Beyoncé as made fashion history as the first Black woman to wear the iconic 128.54 carat Tiffany Diamond. [read more..]

A statue has been unveiled for Wales' first black headteacher who introduced Black History Month into school curriculumns. [read more..]

Hear from Lynda-Louise Burrell over at BHM UK as she highlights a few of the many black people who have made a contribution to Britain over the centuries. [read more..]

Guvna B, is a rapper, author and broadcaster from Custom House, London. He has released 10 albums, 2 books, produced segments for the BBC and been a football pundit for Sky Sports News’ Good Morning Transfers. You can read his interview with BHM UK here. [read more..]

Meet Avril, she's proud to be Black, a Londoner and a Fighter! She shares her story on how the years of struggle and pain may just have helped her to become the successful woman she is now. [read more..]

Filmmaker helps people to connect to their African roots. A film about a known political activist is helping people of African heritage living in white rural areas feel more "at home".

Read article here.

Black British Culture and Society brings together in one indispensable volume key writings on the Black community in Britain, from the 'Windrush' immigrations of the late 1940s and 1950s to contemporary multicultural Britain. Combining classic writings on Black British life with new, specially commissioned articles, Black British Culture and Society records the history of the post-war African and Caribbean diaspora, tracing the transformations of Black culture in British society. [read more..]

This engaging story of eighteen remarkable black men admitted to Harvard's class of 1963 is an eye-opener. Brilliantly placed in historical context, including the unfolding of the Civil Rights Movement, The Last Negroes at Harvard conveys an important message. Namely, the willingness of these young men to embrace, not retreat from, the challenges of racial interaction in an elite setting is in no small measure a reflection of individual pride, self-confidence, and efficacy. - William Julius Wilson [read more..]

Different Strokes chronicles the rise of the Williams sisters, as well as other champions of color, closely examining how African Americans are collectively faring in tennis, on the court and off [...] The reality is that while significant progress has been made in the sport, much work remains before anything resembling equality is achieved. [read more..]

When it comes to racial justice, how do we transform demonstrations of support into real and meaningful change? With intellectual rigour and razor-sharp wit, Emma Dabiri cuts through the haze of online discourse to offer clear advice. [read more..]

Sophie Williams' no-holds-barred posts about racism and Black Lives Matter on @officialmillennialblack have taken the online world by storm. Sharp, simple and insightful, they get to the heart of anti-racist principles and show us all how to truly be better allies. [read more..]

For the first time, behavioural and data scientist, activist and writer Dr Pragya Agarwal unravels the way our implicit or 'unintentional' biases affect the way we communicate and perceive the world, how they affect our decision-making, and how they reinforce and perpetuate systemic and structural inequalities. [read more..]

Perfectly positioned to bridge the gap between people of color and white Americans struggling with race complexities, Oluo answers the questions readers don't dare ask, and explains the concepts that continue to elude everyday Americans. [read more..]

Sir Lenny Henry rang up the Office for National Statistics to confirm something he'd been thinking about for a long time. They told him that only 29.5% of the United Kingdom's population is made up of white, heterosexual, able-bodied men; so, he wonders, why do they still make up the vast majority of people we see in our media? [read more..]