G'Mar chatima tova

to all those observing yom kippur today
date: 16.09.2021

We wish a good holy day and easy fasting to all our Jewish colleagues who observe Yom Kippur this Thursday.

There is no other day for Jewish people holier than Yom Kippur, or the day of atonement. It concludes the Ten days of Repentance, full of deep reflection, prayers and self-mending. 

It is an important time to confess any sins, to contemplate whether one really was following the God's Commandments and caring for fellow humans.

This is also the time to ask for forgiveness and to wish each other to be recorded in the Book of Life.

There is always the hope for it: as one lives there is a chance to become a better person 

Did you observe Yom Kippur this year with your friends or family? We'd love to share some of your photos or your stories of what your day involved! You can send them through to us at unity@next.co.uk