Upcoming Lunch and Learns

Anthony Nolan is launching their brand new 2024/25 lunch and learn series. Check out how you can sign up 👇 

All sessions will be recorded. 

Volunteer Couriers – The Lifesaving Link
23rd May 2024 12.30-1pm
Hosted by Jonathan Wilson, Volunteer and Logistics Manager and Gillian Adams, Volunteer Courier

 Anthony Nolan Volunteer Couriers are the lifesaving link between a stem cell donor and transplant patient. They transport donated stem cells from the collection centre to the hospital treating the patient in need of a transplant. This could be from one London hospital to another, across the UK, or anywhere in the world!

They are an essential service and incredible volunteers who give up their time to ensure stem cells are transported as safely and as quickly as possible. In this session you will hear from one of their wonderful volunteers Gillian Adams, who will give insight into life as a volunteer courier and their experience of the impact of this life-saving service.

 Staff Stories – Blood Cancer Awareness Month19th September 2024 – 12.30-1pm
Hosted by Hayley Tomkinson, Stories Manager 

Blood Cancer Awareness Month takes place every September. It's an opportunity to raise awareness of blood cancers and disorders. At Anthony Nolan they talk about blood cancer in their work every day as we search for life-saving matches and carry out ground-breaking research. But they don't have to look outside the walls of Anthony Nolan to find those who've lived with, been impacted by, and still do live with blood cancer. For many of the Anthony Nolan staff members, blood cancer has had a profound impact in their personal lives.

To mark Blood Cancer Awareness month, colleagues from Anthony Nolan will come together to share their cancer journeys, and personal impact of blood cancer and disorders. 

Note – due to the emotive content included, this session will have pre-recorded sections, and the whole session will not be delivered live. In the webinar, there will be a live introduction, the opportunity to watch the recording of the staff discussion, and then a live Q&A portion to end where attendees can share any reflections or ask any questions.

 Patient Services – The True Impact of the Stem Cell Transplant Process
7th November 2024 12.30-1pm
Hosted by Sarah Rogers, Head of Patient Involvement and Liam Rooney, Patients & Families Manager

The Anthony Nolan Patient Services team support patients and their families throughout the entire stem cell transplant process. From understanding stem cell transplants, to the preparation required ahead of transplant day, as well as recovery support.

Demand for support from their Patient Services has been increasing year on year. Sadly, the cost-of-living crisis continues to impact stem cell transplant patients. They are supporting patients who are feeding back the devastating impact the economy is having on their journey, and the financial strain it is having on them.

In this session the team will discuss the impact of support from Anthony Nolan, patterns appearing in requests for support, how their helpline and specific counselling is helping patients, and highlight key ways you can support them to help patients.

Saving Lives Through Stem Cells - Cell Collection20th February 2025 – 12.30-1pm
Hosted by Elizabeth King, Project Lead Cell Collection Centre

For patients with blood cancer or a blood disorder, a stem cell transplant from a matching donor could be their last chance of survival. Anthony Nolan coordinates the complex donation and cell delivery process end-to-end, to make transplants possible for over 1,400 patients every year.

However, the UK has reached a crisis point in apheresis capacity, which is impacting the ability of hospitals to deliver slots for donation in a timely and efficient manner. Transplant centres are waiting between five and 12 weeks for a stem cell donation slot to become available. Patients are having to wait longer, which leads to poorer outcomes – including survival rates.

Hear more about how Anthony Nolan is tackling this issue in a way that will not only impact the lives of those waiting for a lifesaving stem cell transplant, but also drive forward innovation in cell and gene therapies, which has the potential to benefit thousands more patients today and in the future.

An Introduction to Anthony Nolan

Take a look at this video to find out who Anthony Nolan actually is, and what the charity does. 

This webinar will give you a whistle stop tour of the charity, the impact of their work, their new five-year strategy, and what you can be doing to support our cause.

Cord Blood Donation Process

In this lunch and learn, join Diane Davis (Clinical Midwife Advisor: Innovation & Development for Anthony Nolan Cord Blood Programme) who gives an insight into Anthony Nolan's Cord Blood Programme.

Although the Anthony Nolan Register has over 900,000 potential donors, there are still people in need of a transplant who die because a match can’t be found for them. 72% of people from white northern European backgrounds find the best possible match from an unrelated donor, compared to 37% of people from minority ethnic backgrounds. 

Watch this video to find out more about why the Cord Blood Programme is so vital to help meet the unmet need for transplants, and how it has become life-changing for patients with rare tissue types.